This site is all about the Weber-Marelli I.A.W. engine management as used on the Sierra Cosworth in its various forms from 3 door to 4x4 to the 'big turbo' Escort Cosworth.

Different versions of the ecu were used in other performance cars from the Lancia Delta Integrale to the V8 Ferrari F40, and the data tables tend to be roughly the same between applications. It explains how it works, the mapping and how to adapt it to fit other engines. The early ecus may be over 20 years old but they are still capable of controlling a turbocharged engine with over double its original power output and the later ones will run closed loop for maximum economy when cruising as well. They are readily available and will massively improve the tuning ability of a car which was running a more basic set up. With an EPROM programmer it is even possible to do all the tuning yourself!!



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Disclaimer :- The information on this web site is correct to the best of my knowledge. Changing any EPROM values could cause severe engine damage if not performed correctly. Some previously modified EPROMS may have their data locations shifted from standard. This site is for information only and any modifications are performed at your own risk.

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